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Modernization means to upgrade existing and old elevator to new advance technology, in our elevator modernization services we first inspect the existing elevator and make a report by an expert engineers, after that we choose a solution according to the reports

Mostly in Pakistan people are using old aged elevator technology at present time, which is old relay logic system which create problems at the time of any faults acquire in the elevator, the problem is it take too much time and effort from technician to diagnose elevator fault and rectify it, also there is old machine types are still present in Pakistan which are old AC2 types machines, that creates problem in elevator smoothly driving and operation it give jerks to the car during elevator running condition because there is no VVVF system used in those systems.

We have dedicated and special team for such a projects, they are expert and experienced for elevator inspection and modernization services, they better understand the elevator and work according to the manufacturer drawings and as per world standards.

We have already worked on many projects for elevator modernizations in some of cases there were problems of installation process, in those cases we found the installed elevator was up to date and recently were set in operation but problem was in their installation system, our expert team can rectify the existing lifts installation problems we diagnose the fault and rectify them as per world standard.

Our modernization services are available of all the clients like home users, commercial buildings, residential buildings, industrials, hospitals, shopping plazas and so on.

In modernization services we update old elevator control system to new microprocessor based technology which is self-diagnosing solutions means it generate error codes in case of any fault in elevator system, also we do modernization of elevator machines system from AC2 machine to advanced VVVF machine with modern and dedicated model of elevator inverter.

We provide third party inspection certification for our products and services in Pakistan by a world well-known certification companies.
We are always connected with our partner companies, they are leading manufacturer companies in the industry, and those company provide solutions with advanced technology as per European EN 81 Standard..

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