Safety & Quality


Our long-term business success depends not only on equipment and workforce but also on our ability to continually improve the quality of our services, protecting people and the environment.

Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement, and community goodwill.
To ensure the implementation of this policy in its true sense, every employee of Pakistan Elevator has the power to stop any act which he/she feels unsafe for him/her or any other person or risk to quality, health, safety and environment.

Safe & Quality Measures

Quality Products & Services

We are maintaining strict management control over quality standards of our products and services. Which is in turn the key to our success and ability to deliver the high quality products and services consistently with in the provided time frame and the budget. Our management systems, policies and procedures covering safety, environment and quality of our products and services and are always meeting the quality management system requirements. Our management system supported by the quality manager, is committed to ensuring that criteria, principles, methods and strategies adopted for quality management are constantly implemented and respected by the company’s employees and suppliers. And we are holding ISO 9001 quality standard accreditation.

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