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Our Products

We are strongly hope full for that’s, you can find every solution relating your elevators and lifts or lifting requirements. PAKISTAN ELEVATOR understands about your need and tries best for the solution in an affordable price.

We serve our customer both commercial and residential clients without any discrimination it doesn’t matter if you need just stair climber for a disabled family member or need an elevator for high-rise building people transportation.

We are manufacturer of many kinds of elevators/lifts cabs in Pakistan. But given below are our famous models.

>>  Passenger Elevator:

The model use for passengers’ transportation,

>>  All Purpose Elevator :

All Purpose Elevators model is used for passengers and small accessories used in residential building like water, food etc.

We make Passenger elevator and All purpose elevator in following capacity

  • Human: 4-22 Persons
  • Weight: 450-2000 Kilograms
  • Speed: 1-4 Meter/second

>>  CARE Elevator (Hospital Elevator):

This model is used for hospitality, shifting patients, old age and abnormal people, beds, wheelchair and stair lift.

>>  Cargo Elevator:

This model is used specifically for Cargo within allowed lifting capacity. Cargo elevator is also with the moving floor to self stuffing the cargo inside cab.


We make CARE Elevator and CARGO Elevator models in many specifications and capacity as per project requirements.

Our Elevator and Lift Cabs/Cars, Doors, Jambs, Sills, and Floorings are made with durable materials, completely fabricated by skilled technicians as per international standards in our workshops located in Karachi and Lahore Pakistan.

We also provide on sight services for making cabs and cars. We offer a wide variety of stylish cabs ceiling, flooring options, walls, doors and Jambs surface materials.

Please download our e-brochure for further details. Do contact us for discounted price and delivery time frame.