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Elevator control and Monitoring System

PAKITAN ELEVATOR also works for “ECS” Elevator Control System on “PLC” Programmable Logic Controller & “REMS” Remote Elevator Monitoring system, Join hands with T Zone Digital Technology Private Limited Pakistan.

Elevator control system with Programmable Logic Controller and Remote Elevator Monitoring System is the modern digital technology for elevator control and monitoring. The Controller and monitoring systems are designed to provide trouble-free operation and ease of maintenance service with many standard features normally considered options.

REMS Device

A GSM GPRS device connected with elevator control system for continues monitoring all elevator movements and functions to keep information updated.

Our software saves all elevator action data and keeps records for analyzing upcoming problems and communicates to the owner or service provider for maintaining the elevator before out of service.

Panic Button: (SOS Button)

REMS system is Capable of communicating in emergency to our Customer Care Center, Care center reply by call trough a trained person to handling the situations. The system also able to SMS to feed numbers includes customer and our senior technicians.

Data record:

“REMS” is for Peace of mind. Our customer can access through internet to keep track of their elevator routine operation, and service history of safety and check performance.


The Remote Elevator Monitoring system is not vendor specific and can, therefore, be set up to monitor elevators from different manufacturers, using the interface designed precisely for that purpose.

Programmable Logic Controller Overview

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a highly specialized computer used for manufacturing, and many other industrial situations like elevators. Programmable logic controllers are designed to be able to take information from a variety of different sensors and use it to control a variety of different machines. PLCs need to be able to accurately control a process in real time, so they are very fast. When a PLC receives an instruction, it responds instantly, issuing controls to its motors. Programmable logic controllers can be used to control almost any automatic process can receive information from a variety of different sensors. Many of the sensors are actually simple switches. For example, Elevator control system with PLC , the control at a time many factions like, elevator floor level, door opening, load sensor and many other safety factions. PLCs can also use more complex inputs such as cameras or microphones designed to recognize certain patterns. A PLC will usually do a variety of simple tasks in a specific order. This could involve several machines connected together by a conveyor belt and all controlled the ones.